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Document only publishes to simulation mode on uPerform Server


  • Document only publishes to simulation format on server. All other formats fail.
  • Error in Application Log:
'04/05/2017 09:16:22 : Publishing
: Critical : Could not find file 'C:\uPerform\Vignette\Collaboration\uPerform\ms\PublishingData\Base AppData\unpacked\templates(Template ID)\data\stylesExtended.css'.'


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform
  • Version: 5.30.0 and later


Template file can not be found on server. 


  1. Open the Client. (Connect to the server if not already)
  2. Open the associated template from the server.
  3. Check it back into the server.
  4. Republish the affected document.


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