New in ANCILE uPerform 5.4 - Webinar

We’re very excited about the new features available in ANCILE uPerform 5.4, and we think you will be too! These new features include:

  • New publication and output types
  • End-user website skin updates
  • New context-sensitive help functionality
  • And more!


Q&A Transcript (Abridged)


Q: What metrics are captured from In-Application CSH for reporting? 

A: There are no new reports specific to in-application help but the following existing reports provide data related to its usage: Published Content, Website Usage, and Help Request. You can find a brief description of the different reports available in the manual 

Q: Why do recordings of web applications used for context-sensitive help need to be recorded in Internet Explorer? Is there any plan to change this requirement? 

A: You must record in Microsoft Internet Explorer if you want the uPerform document to be automatically "tagged" with the data that enables the context-sensitive help. If you choose to record the application in a different browser the author would have to manually tag the document.  
Some of the context data for in-application help is obtained from the web page while it is being recorded. Currently the uPerform Recorder is able to access this data only from the Internet Explorer browser. There are no definitive plans to support capturing this data when recording in other browsers, but we can note your interest in that functionality in an enhancement request. Please submit a ticket to ANCILE Customer Success if you would like to be added.  

Q: Can you usuPerform within professional Windows applications, such as Autodesk Maya or AutoCAD, to export similar guidance solutions? And these files would be made available locally?  

A: You can use uPerform to record procedural content for any application running on a Windows OS. For 3D design applications, uPerform should record manipulations of a 3D object but most will be captured as “click and drag” type steps. uPerform does not understand the contextual aspects of actions such as “rotate the drawing”, etc… that may exist in 3D design applications. Although we currently do not have a CSH solution for either of these applications, users could still benefit from any content you create by browsing or searching the uPerform web site. 

Q: How is In-Application CSH tagging different than previous versions? 

A: Automatic and manual tagging of context data has not changed. It is the same in previous versions.

Q: Can you use In-Application CSH with the SAP-ARIBA application?  

A: Although we have not formally tested in-application help with Ariba, we did a quick check based on this question and the “?” icon and in-app dialog display. However, it looks like the standard data we collect during recording does not vary much when you navigate in Ariba, so the solution would be more of “in-app help” vs “In-App CSH.”  The search results when the user clicks the “?” button may not be very contextual and many documents may be returned. The user could also use the search field within the In-Application Help dialog to search by key words relevant to the task they need to perform. 

Q: Do you only have an In-Application Help browser extension for Internet Explorer?  

A: Our development team is working on add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. 

Q: When you search for content in the In-Application pop up box, does the displayed content come from all uPerform projects or just the application that is being shown (for example, just SuccessFactors content or all content)? 

A: For the text search, content will be returned from any project to which the user has access. This is the same behavior as the search within the end-user website 

Q: Does the uPerform generated help content have to reside on the same server as the app being supported or "helped"? 

A: Although the help content is displayed inside the business application, the content resides on the uPerform server and is temporarily displayed inside the business application. 

Q: Can you use In-Application CSH with applications that are not web based? 

A: No, it is only available for web applications.  

Q: If context is added manually to training documents, how is that done in uPerform 5.4?  The same way as in 5.3? 

A: Correct, no changes have been made for manually adding context. 

Q: Is there a release date for Chrome Add-on? 

This is the next browser extension that our development team is working on right now. We're hoping to deliver within the next couple months.  

Q: How is the context generated when recording? 

A: For web applications, the context is a combination of the url, screen title, and any frame ids within the application.   

Q: How do you connect documents for CSH in a web application? Do you use document properties? 

A: Yes, data is stored at the step or document level within the uPerform document file. For uPerform courses it can be added to a document level property. For non-uPerform documents (e.g. Managed documents) it is added to document properties via the Server. 


Q: Can you use the audio transcript feature with the video output? 

AIf text to speech is enabled, text in the audio transcript box will be converted to audio and included in the video output. The playback does not display the transcript text. 

Q: How is version control for videos managed / maintained? 

A: Versioning is handled at the UDC/source file level. The video output is simply another content output similar to the current Work Instructions, Cue Cards, Simulations, etc.. 

Q: How easy/hard is it to edit screen images? I mean, I want to obscure sensitive information in some screens.  

A: It is possible to mask sensitive information via the uPerform Client. See How can I hide certain areas of an image in an ANCILE uPerform document using Masks? for more information. 

Q: Is it possible to add voice recording to the video output file? 

A: Audio (including Text to Speech) included in the Simulation will be used in the video output as well. 

Q: Is the video feature easily loaded into a LMS system? 

A: Yes, if the LMS supports MP4 output, the Video can be uploaded. However it does not have any SCORM or AICC tracking capability. If you would like to track usage you would need to use the Simulation output or embed the MP4 video inside of a uPerform course.  

Q: Can an existing simulation be easily converted to a MP4 or WMV file? Or would it require re-recording? 

A: No re-recording will be required to publish to video.  You will simply need to enable the publication type in your template and then republish your content.  

Q: I noticed that the video playback shows the open tabs and applications at the bottom. Can the recorder be tuned to record JUST the active window?  

A: The video output will be based on the Recorder setting you have set. For the demonstration today the Recorder was set to "Entire Desktop". The video output uses the screenshots that are captured during the recording.  

Q: Can this output be used outside of the Ancile end user website 

A: Yes, you can publish the content locally and use the MP4 or WMV file anywhere these formats are supported.  

Q: It would be nice to be able to put a copyright notice of created MP4's? 

A: That would be a great enhancement.  In the meantime, you may consider including the copyright within the website skin, or possibly as an info step which contains the video title/description/copyright/etc. 


Q: How is the condensed output/table format built and more specifically the displayed screenshots? 

A: The table is the output of the Procedure section for the Procedure Table publication type. Within the template you can configure the specific size of the screen images you want to include. 


Q: Can we create our own website skin? 

A: Yes, you can customize the look and feel of any of the existing website skins that are provided with uPerform Server to match your organization’s branding.  


Q: Do you have a timeline for DB2 11.1 compatibility? 

We do not currently have DB2 11.1 on the roadmap, but we are researching this. 

Q: Our CSH was removed when we upgraded to SAP HANA. Do you have a comprehensive manual on how to install CSH for Fiori and SAP GUI in version 5.4? 

A: Yes, we have a manual for Help Launchpad for use with SAP GUI, and a separate document for configuring CSH for Fiori and other SAP UI5-based applications. 

Q: Has there been any changes to SCORM output? 

A: There have been no changes to the SCORM output in 5.40. 

Q: Is the Rapid Recorder now completely integrated in the Server software ? No separate installation on client PCs needed, right ? 

A: The uPerform Rapid Recorder will still have to be installed on the SME`s machine via the link that is provided in the task email. 

Q: Is it still necessary to use Help Launchpad for SAP Gui? 

A: Yes providing CSH within core SAP will still require the HLP ABAP transports. 

Q: You mentioned SAP Fiori support, do you also support SAP Personas? 

A: Yes, we support Personas 1.4 and 2.0. Our Development team is working on Personas 3.0. 

Q: If you just upgraded to 5.3. Will 5.4 load ok. No changes to the servers? 

A: From an OS perspective nothing has changed between 5.30 and 5.40. The same OS versions are still supported. As your planning for your upgrade please remember that the client and server must be at the same major version (e.g. 5.30 of 5.40). 


Q: Does Ancile offer any official training classes for uPerform administrators 

A: ANCILE offers several training options through our Professional Services team. You can email for more information. 

Q: Can I see a list of all the defects fixed in uPerform 5.4? 

A: You can find a detailed list in the uPerform 5.40 Release Notes 

Q: I did not find any .PDF manuals in your portal. Only online docs. Will the .PDFs for version 5.4 be provided ? 

A: Starting in 5.4 we went to an online version only. You can save or print the relevant sections in a PDF format as needed.  

Q: Anything to watch out for when upgrading? 

A: Please follow our release notes for Client and Server to get updates on any items that might be watch outs for you.  

Q: Is there a guide to upgrading and maybe a mentor that can help us move forward? 

A: We have an Online Guide to Upgrading Your uPerform Environment . If you are interested in upgrade assistance from our Professional Services team you can also email 

Q: I understand if you make changes to the template currently you have to restart services on the server side for the template changes to take place.  When will there be a fix for that? 

A: Our development is aware of this issue and is working on a solution. You can follow this article to receive a notification when this item is fixed.

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