Q & A Session from Introduction to uPerform 5 Webinar

This is a transcript of the questions and answers that came in during the Introduction to uPerform 5 Webinar.  You can download the webinar here.

Q: Are the recorder profiles at a project level?

A: Yes, that's correct. Also, they can only be used with tasks.

Q: When a crowd-sourced author creates a managed document, can filtering the content of the managed document by language be enabled?

A: Yes, it will be just like any other managed document.

Q: Is the. utask file compatible with Windows and Mac applications?

A: Tasks can only be executed on a machine that meets the technical specifications for the uPerform Client, as the Rapid Recorder or uPerform Client needs to be installed. We do not currently support Mac OS for the Client/Rapid Recorder installation. See the uPerform 5 Technical Specifications document for additional information regarding supported environments.

Q: If an employee is sent a task and they don't have rapid recorder installed will it prompt them to install it?

A: Yes, the user will receive an email that contains a download link. The download link will point to a location on the uPerform Server that contains the .exe file. The URL will look like this: http://<servername>/downloads/ANCILE_Rapid_Recorder_Setup.exe

Q: Is it compatible with any web browser?

A: The Rapid Recorder is only compatible with web browsers that are supported. Refer to the uPerform 5 Technical Specifications document for a list of supported web browsers.

Q: Does the author using rapid recorder needs to be connected to the uPerform server? Is there any other option?

A: No, an Author using the Rapid Recorder does not need to be connected to the uPerform Server.  The task owner will need to be able to access the uPerform server via http/https (whichever applies) however.

Q: How do you enforce standard settings such as screen resolution using the rapid recorder?

A: It is not possible to enforce settings like screen resolution, however, it is possible to enforce some standards via Recorder Profiles which specify Recorder settings for tasks created using that profile.

Q: When assigning tasks for Rapid Recording, are there certain specs that assigned resources will need to have on their computer?

A: Yes, all task owners will need to install the Rapid Recorder on a computer that matches the requirements outlined in the uPerform 5 Technical Specifications document. 

Q: Has this been tested with CAC/smart card authentication?

A: No, it has not.

Q: After they click on the link in the email do they have to log in?

A: No, they do not. Tasks can be created for non-uPerform users. Only uPerform Course tasks and uPerform Edit Document tasks require that the task owner is a named user with Author rights, because they will need to have uPerform Client installed.

Q: s this Rapid recorder new to version 5 or was it available in v4.4?

A: The Rapid Recorder is new in uPerform 5.

Q: is there a report that illustrates how many times a doc/course/simulation has been accessed and would it say when and by whom?

A: Yes, that information is available in the website usage report. The Website Usage Report reports on all content views from the end user website.

Q: Is it possible to create the report periodically and send it via e-mail?

A: No, that's a great idea for an enhancement request.

Q: So none of these new reporting features are relevant for uPerform Express because they require server, correct?

A: Yes, that's correct. Reports are only available for the full version of uPerform as it requires the uPerform Server.

Q: Will end users have access to widgets as well on their view of their user homepage?

A: No, end users do not have access to widgets on their homepage. Widgets are available only for uPerform Authors and Administrators.

Q: Can you choose more than one report for the home widget?

A: Yes, You can add as many report widgets as desired, each one containing a separate report. We recommend only adding 2-3 report widgets per administrator home page to avoid potential performance issues.

Q: Will these dashboard and widget capabilities be able to "report" on pre-upgrade documents? or will it just report based on documents already created on version 5?

A: Dashboard Reporting is available for all documents on the uPerform Server including pre-5 content.

Q: Is it possible to have the Reset Home Page default to be other than the default provided by ANCILE?

A: No, at this time that is not currently available. It will only reset the home page to the default layout included in uPerform 5.

Q: Can we change those project statuses?

A: No, they are pre-defined statuses and cannot be modified.

Q: In regards to the assessment report, will there be any way to track which questions a test taker got wrong instead of just the overall score?

A: Currently, you are only able to see the overall score and not the specific questions and/or their responses.  This functionality is available in most Learning Management Systems, however.

Q: Under Development only for new documents?

A: Yes, that’s correct. The Under Development status indicates that a task has been checked in by the task owner and is not in a workflow and does not have a Published status. Info Pak documents without content are also included.

Q: Can a single uPerform document be associated with more than one Release?

A: No

Q: I am currently set-up as an author, but my role in now and moving into the next several years will be to manage the documentation of a large company project. In order to view all reports, send tasks, etc. Is it best for me to request administrative rights?

A: Yes, you will need to be given either project administrator rights on the project you will be managing or system administrator access which would give you access to the entire uPerform Server environment including user management.

Q: Do you have to use Microsoft Voices? We use neo-speech here.

A: Yes, the TTS functionality in uPerform utilizes the Microsoft Speech Platform. Any voices installed must be compatible.

Q: Now we can choose to save the audio in the docs and courses or somewhere else? I didn't quite get that part.

A: For TTS, you can decide whether to store the generated audio in the document source file itself or have it generated only when the content is published.  If you choose the latter, the voice will need to be installed on the device (desktop or server) on which the content is being published.  If you choose the former, and content is stored within the document, it will increase the size of the UDC checked into the uPerform server and could potentially cause space issues on the Database server if sufficient space is not given. Keep in mind, each time a document or course is checked into the server, a full copy of the UDC file is stored inside the database for each version.

Q: The link to install rapid recorder and download the utask file does not require log in either?

A: Correct, the link will download the executable directly for the uPerform website without requiring a login. The task owner will need to be able to access the uPerform server via http/https (whichever applies) however.

Q: Regarding audio during recording, are they wav again and so not audible on iPads?

A: Yes, unless you install LAME, the audio will record in WAV format.  See this Knowledgebase article for more information on creating MP3 files for iPad compatibility.

Q: Does the Help Request Report replace the need to run the custom RWD transactions within SAP?

A: Yes.  uPerform 5 users will be able to get the data on transaction help requests that are currently available in the Help Launchpad ZF0 transaction through the new Help Request Report.

Q: Do we need to move up to 4.5 (currently running 4.42) before upgrading to 5.0?

A: You can upgrade directly to 5.0 without any intermediate upgrades.

Q: Can you upgrade to 5.0 from any version though?

A: Users running a version prior to 4.10 must upgrade to 4.10 before upgrading to 5.

Q: What about Windows 8 compatibility?

A: uPerform 5 does support Windows 8 (Desktop Mode). Refer to the uPerform 5 Technical Specifications document for all supported environments.

Q: Will a user of the Rapid Recorder utilize a license? Can the license then be reassigned? We have alot of SMEs role on and off projects.

A: Licenses are based on the number of end users, so no; it will not use a license and there is no Product ID required to perform the installation.

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