Customized Website Skins Revealed - Webinar

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Customized Website Skins Revealed - Recording (ARF)

Customized Website Skins Revealed - Presentation (PDF)

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    Jack Fan

    Good stuff. I can't quite catch the utility tools' name at the end of this webinar, can you relist them here?

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    Chandra Mullineaux

    Hi Jack -

    The tools mentioned at the end of the webinar are:

    WinMerge ( - To compare files and see which ones have changed, useful after upgrades.

    grepWin - - Search and replace tool that will search all of the files in a directory for specific strings.

    Tilt 3D add-on for Firefox ( - Allows you to see a 3D view of all the layers in your website.

    Built-in browser based inspection/development tools in IE, Google Chrome, and Firefox

    Crimson Editor ( - John didn't mention this but it's a great free text editor with built in directory level find and replace, automatic code highlighting, and line numbering.

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    Jack Fan

    Thank you for relisting these tools, I will try them.