Crowd Sourced Authoring and Tasks with uPerform - Webinar

Have you ever wished you could have a subject matter expert record a document, or ask a multi-lingual resource to do a translation without the need for uPerform training or even an account on your uPerform server? Would you like to find out how you can automatically send a request to an author to edit a document, assign a due date, and receive a notification when the updated document has been checked in? It’s all possible with the Task Management and Rapid Recorder functionality available in uPerform version 5.0 and later. Find out how you can take advantage of these features in this live webinar.

Note: The first minute of the recording of this webinar was cut off.  This missing minute covered the title slide and agenda, which can be viewed in the PDF presentation below.

Follow-up Answers to Questions Asked During the Live Webinar

Q: Are task statuses figured into document statuses?  

A: No, these are separate.


Q: Can you display the Task Status report on the home page? 

A: Yes, you can choose to display this using Report Widgets.


Q: Will incomplete tasks display on the Task Owner's home page?

A: Yes, the My Tasks widget displays on the home page by default.


Q: Will Task Owner's receive automatic email alerts when a task is overdue?

A: Currently, no.  The Project Administrator can manually resend the notification.


Q: Will Task Owner's automatically be prompted with the Task List when opening uPerform Client if they have unfinished tasks?

A: No, Task Owners with uPerform Client installed can access the Task List via the Tools menu.  Rapid Recorder authors will automatically be prompted with the Task List when they launch the Rapid Recorder.


Q: Can I use Recorder Profiles without tasks?

A: Currently, no. Recorder Profiles are only available when using tasks.


Q: Can the Guided Re-Recorder be used when performing a translation task?

A: Currently, no.  The Task Owner will just create a new document in a different language that will reside in the same binder as the original document.

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