We’re Seeking Interested Customers to Join ANCILE Team Vanguard

Lead the way in new development and ideas

Are you a forward-thinker? Do you have an analytical or creative mind? Are you often out in front, but sometimes take the road less travelled? Then ANCILE Team Vanguard (ATV) may be right for you. ATV to brings together ANCILE customers who want to collaborate--with ANCILE and each other--to influence and assist in development of current and future solutions.

We’re looking for customers who want to spend as little as an hour or two a month, or as much time as you can afford, and become a part of a unique community of ANCILE product users who will guide new product development, now and into the future.

We’re seeking members with a wide array of perspectives. Whatever role you play with uPerform, including end user, author, technical or project administrator or manager/supervisor, we invite you to apply for membership.

Currently, our most pressing needs are in the following areas:

  1. eLearning Course Authors –We’re seeking feedback from uPerform eLearning course authors about potential user interface/user experience changes to the uPerform course component.

  2. End users – We’d like to speak with end users who are viewing published content to gain a better understanding of how they use it, and how their overall user experience may be improved.

For more information , read the ANCILE Team Vanguard Overview or apply online.

For additional questions, email us.

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  • Avatar
    Sonia Laluna

    I am interested. I have submitted already my application.

  • Avatar
    Karen Jones

    Great Sonia! We've sent you the information. Glad to have you aboard!

  • Avatar
    Alexey Maksimenko

    Nice! I'll join!

  • Avatar
    Karen Jones

    Welcome to Sonia and Alexey and thanks already for your offers to help evaluate our uPerform eLearning course component. Anyone else interested?

  • Avatar
    Dawn Bleuel

    Hi Karen -

    You can count me in! :) Looking forward to it!

    Edited by Dawn Bleuel
  • Avatar
    Karen Jones

    Hi Dawn! I've received your membership application and will send you information shortly. Welcome to ATV!