Overview of uPerform Administration - Webinar

Being a uPerform Administrator can be a busy job, especially if your company has numerous users and authors. In addition, uPerform Adminstrators have access to more areas on your uPerform website than other users. Please join us for a look at the administrative side of uPerform and some features that may help you do your job more efficiently.

Below you will find links to the recording of this webinar, the presentation slides, and the additional resources referenced throughout the webinar.

Webinar Downloads

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the ARF recording of this webinar is broken into two parts. The MP4 version of the recording is a single file.

Additional Resources

Below you will find all of the additional resources mentioned during the webinar (plus a few more) organized by topics as outlined in the presentation.

Global Settings

Changing Your Company Name or Product Key

Project Settings

Using the uPerform Server Assessment Performance Report to Collect End User Assessment Data without an LMS

Glossary Configuration

uPerform Glossary: More Than Just a Dictionary - Webinar

Using Glossary with Multiple Languages - Webinar

End User Website Configuaration

Customized Website Skins Revealed - Webinar

Create and Select a New Website Skin Folder

New uPerform Website Skins Demonstration - Webinar

Using Multiple Languages and Content Filtering - Webinar

Managing Users, Roles and Groups

What's In a Name? The Benefits of Implementing Named User Functionality - Webinar

Integration Settings

Setting Up Context Sensitive Help for SAP GUI with uPerform and Help Launchpad - Webinar

Setting Up Context Sensitive Help with uPerform and SAP Portal - Webinar

Integrating SAP Solution Manager with ANCILE uPerform - Preparation - Webinar

Integrating SAP Solution Manager with ANCILE uPerform - Performing Integration - Webinar

LMS Settings

Using PENS to Automatically Copy Published Courses to an LMS

Online Guide to Using uPerform eLearning Content

Managing Templates

uPerform Publishing Settings Explained - Part One: Documents and Simulations - Webinar

uPerform Publishing Settings Explained - Part Two: Courses, Guided Help, and Student Guides - Webinar

Managing Custom Course/Simulation Skins

Custom Skin Management for Courses, Simulations and Guided Help - Webinar

Create a Custom Course, Simulation or Guided Help Skin (uPerform versions 4.2x and later)

Managing Installed Voices

Using Text to Speech (TTS) Functionality in uPerform

Increase the Effectiveness of Your eLearning with Text to Speech - Webinar


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