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uPerform documents in Publishing Queue or Globalize Queue display waiting status


  • Documents in the uPerform Server Publishing Queue display the status waiting and will not publish
  • Documents in the uPerform Server Globalize Queue display the waiting status and will not globalize


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform
  • Version: Any


The ANCILE uPerform Monitoring Service (or RWD uPerform Monitoring Service in uPerform 4.3 or earlier) has stopped on the uPerform application server.


  1. On the uPerform application server, select Start > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services.
  2. Start the ANCILE uPerform Monitoring Service (or RWD uPerform Monitoring Service in uPerform 4.3 and earlier).

Additional Information

If the ANCILE uPerform Monitoring Service is already running at the time the problem occurs, you may need to stop it and then restart it.

If the service will not start, please see uPerform Monitoring Service Will Not Start for more information.

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