One Fish, Two Fish, Collab Fish, Me and You Fish: An In-Depth Look at Collaborating with uPerform

Are your users on little islands of their own? Is a lot of your day-to-day know-how stored in the heads of employees? Find out how to use uPerform's collaboration features to crowd-source ideas, support, and innovation, and break down knowledge silos within your organization. Watch this webinar to find out more about:

  • Author discussions
  • Website discussions
  • Folder-level discussions
  • Subscription and notification options
  • Using the Tell Others functionality


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  • Avatar
    Deborah Anne

    Very cute presentation!

  • Avatar
    Mark Bradshaw

    Has anything happened yet with the enhancement request for an admin to be able to a) subscribe to all or b) run a report showing discussions?

    I really need to monitor feedback & discussions due to the nature of one of my projects and who has authored the recordings.

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