Advanced Custom Reporting with uPerform


Data and reports and filters...OH MY! Tame the information "beast" and turn the raw data in your uPerform learning content into a valuable resource you can harness with custom uPerform reports.

Do you have complex business reporting requirements? Do you often sit back and think a specific type of uPerform report would help you deliver the right type of information to your business stakeholders? If so, this course is for you! ANCILE's Orange Army will break down aspects of custom reports and explain how uPerform reporting features like Report Type, Report Columns,  and Report Filters can be used in unique ways to extract information you never thought possible. You will also learn how to take your reports to the next level by using analytic features like SAP Crystal Reports and Excel Analytics. As a bonus, the Orange Army will provide an on-the-go job aid that explains field names and the information they return.

Launch the Course

Download a Recording of the Live Q&A Session - Requires Cisco Webex ARF Player

Field Name/Report Column Job Aid

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