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How to only publish certain simulation outputs on the uPerform server


Define which simulation output modes are published on the uPerform server.  For example, only publishing the Auto playback mode.


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform


1. Open the associated template in the uPerform client
2. Click the Publications tab
3. Click Default Publication Settings > Simulation
4. Deselect the Enabled box for the modes that you do not want to use in on the server.
5. Save and close the template
6. Check the updated template back onto the server
7. Republish the documents on the server
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    Vicky Hodge

    If you want some .udc files to have simulation output autoplayback and standard tutorial and others to have just autoplayback -- is it possible to select at document level?

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    Chandra Mullineaux

    Hi Vicky,

    No, you can't select this at the document level. You would need to change the template, check it back in, and then publish only the documents with the other playback mode.


    Chandra Mullineaux

    ANCILE Solutions

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    Chandra Mullineaux

    Hi Vicky,

    I saw you replied to this comment via email. Please note that email replies do not make it into the article comments. Your response was:

    "Thank you. If I change the template to not have std tutorial output and check in , does it turn off the feature for all current documents too or only the next ones that are checked in and published?"

    The template changes would only apply to any documents published while that template is the most current version on the server. If you want to change it back to your default for future publishing of other documents, you would need to change the template back and check it in again.

    Hope that makes sense.