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Document publishing fails in PDF and Word formats due to extraneous HTML/XML tags


  • Simulations fail to publish into PDF and Word in both the uPerform client and server
  • Red X error image appears in Publishing Summary window for PDF format


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform
  • Version: 5.0 - 5.20.8


Extraneous HTML/XML table tags within certain notes within simulations or when an author uses "less than" and "greater than" symbols as brackets in their step text, (e.g. Click the <Run> button.)


  • Upgrade to version 5.20.9


  1. Open file in uPerform Client.
  2. In Document View, right click each note.
  3. Click Edit Note.
  4. Select Source.
  5. Remove all table related tags (e.g. <table>,<tbody>,<tr>,<td>)
    NOTE: Make sure to remove any closing tags as well.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Republish document.

Additional Information

  • This issues may be caused when copying and pasting from other sources into a uPerform document
  • Example of table tags in Note > Source before pasting into Notepad:

  • Example of Note > Source after reformatting and pasting from Notepad:



If you are still having an failure after following these steps, please refer back to Unable to publish uPerform documents to PDF and/or Word formats.

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  • Avatar
    Rod Rehorn

    G'day Gregory,

    I have also discovered that publishing to Word and PDF output fails for uPerform v5.20.8 documents if an author uses less than and greater than symbols as brackets in their step text, much like a HTML tag.  Eg. Click the <Run> button.

    Once the symbols were removed, publishing to Word and PDF was successful. Yay!  =D

  • Avatar
    Gregory Smith

    Hello Rod,

    Many thanks for the information you provided!

    I have updated the article to reflect your findings, which will be very beneficial to others who are experiencing the same issue.

    Kind regards,