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uPerform document fails to publish to .pdf or .doc outputs when there is no text in the final step


Document will not publish to Word or .pdf output.


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform client
  • Version: 5.20 through 5.20.8


A blank step at the end of the uPerform document causes the .doc and .pdf outputs to fail when publishing.


Repaired in uPerform V 5.20.9


  • Add text to the final step of the uPerform document. To do this, please perform the following steps:
    1. Open the document in the uPerform Client Editor
    2. Click on the Simulation tab
    3. Right click the step and choose Edit Step
    4. Choose Step Text
    5. Insert text into the Step text field
    6. Click OK

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Additional Information

If you are still having a failure after following these steps, please refer back to Unable to publish uPerform documents to PDF and/or Word formats.


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