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Special Characters in 4.50 Glossary Terms Cause "Unknown Failure" Error Updating Term Definitions in uPerform


  • After clicking on Tools> Update Term Definitions in the uPerform Client, the following error message will occur: 'There was an unknown failure processing this request. Please contact Product Support to troubleshoot this error'.


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform Client
  • Version: 4.50


  • Terms containing special characters (= & : /) can cause an unknown failure on updating term definitions in the uPerform Client.


  • This issue is resolved in the uPerform 4.51 Patch.
NOTE: The patch version must match between the uPerform Client and the uPerform Server. If the patch is installed on the Client, it must be installed on the Server as well.

Additional Information

  • Clicking OK, results in a second error: 'An error occurred on the ANCILE uPerform Server and the document term definitions were not able to be updated. Please contact your administrator for assistance.'
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