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End users cannot find published documents in the same folder where they were checked in - uPerform Server


  • When publishing documents for end users we cannot find them in the same folder where we checked them in


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform


  • Website Context has not been assigned


  1. Click Projects in the uPerform server workspace
  2. Click on the project name
  3. Click Document Library
  4. Navigate to the folder or document that you want to link to the website
  5. Click Assign Website Context on the left menu to display the first level of website folders you have created
  6. Perform one of the following options:
  7. Expand all items in the tree view: Click Expand All
  8. Collapse all items in the tree view: Click Collapse All
  9. Click + to the left of the folder name to navigate to the desired folder(s)
  10. Click the checkbox to the left of one or more folders to create contexts in the website folder(s)
  11. Click Save
  12. Repeat Step 4 through Step 9 to create additional context links from documents and document library folders to website folders


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