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uPerform Managed Powerpoint documents have format issues when publish to PDF/Word



  • 'Vernada Italic' font (not Vernada font with Italic format) on PPTX is not published correctly with bold format.
  • Text overlaps text boxes and alignment changes when a PPTX has been created using Arial Narrow and published to PDF.
  • Text from right side unordered list overlaps with text from left side unordered list, making all text unreadable.


  • Product: - ANCILE uPerform Server
  • Version: - 5.12 and later


When publishing managed documents to PDF/Word, format issues may occur. 



  • Save the Powerpoint to .pdf  format and upload to the website as a managed document.
  • Convert the original document to Arial.

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Additional Information

These errors may also occur in published Word documents. 


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