uGuide Authors: How do I create guidance?


Once you have logged into uGuide, you will see a "?", a magnifying glass, and a "+" link in uGuide's toolbar. To create guidance using uGuide's recorder, use "+" icon at the bottom of the toolbar to start a new recording session in uGuide.

To begin a new recording, it's best to start at the first page of the web application.


  • Product: ANCILE uGuide


  1. Click on the "+" icon. uGuide displays links to helpful how-to videos for creating and editing guidance. uGuide also displays the New Process window.
  2. Enter the title and an optional description for the new process. uGuide's recorder is automatically enabled.
  3. Perform the task in the web application. uGuide will capture your actions and display them in the New Process window.
    • To pause and continue recording, simply click uGuide's Recording button.
    • To remove the last recorded step, click the Undo button.
    • To redo the last recorded step, click the Redo button.
  4. Continue recording until the entire task is complete.
  5. When the task is complete, pause the recorder.
  6. Click the Save icon to save the current recording. uGuide will display a message confirming that your new recording is saved. After your recording is saved, you can review and edit your recording before publishing it.
  7. Now that you've created a new uGuide process, simply close the Edit Process window.

New or updated guidance is automatically placed into a "draft" state in which only authors can view and edit the guidance. To make guidance available to end users, you must publish the guidance.

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