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What happens if I wish to disable the glossary on the uPerform server?

  • Product: ANCILE uPerform


Once the uPerform Glossary is disabled, all Glossary related functions will cease to work, this includes document globalization on check in and other manually added terms/definitions on the server.  It also includes suggesting definitions via the client when editing the document.  The Glossary link on the uPerform website can no longer be seen so cannot be used.  Any documents that have definitions already in place will not be affected by the disabling of the glossary.

Additional Information

  • The uPerform Glossary can be disabled/enabled by following the steps below
    1. Login to the uPerform website using an administration account
    2. Go to Administration > Server Administration > Glossary
    3. Select/Deselect the Enable Glossary check box
    4. Click the Save button
  • Authors can still insert or change definitions manually on a .udc file by directly editing the definition field
  • Even after disabling the Glossary, the Suggest Definition link still exists in each Field/Description row in the client while it is connected to the server, clicking this link would just display the message “Glossary is disabled”
  • All Glossary terms and definitions up to the point of being disabled are stored until such time the Glossary may be re-enabled


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