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uPerform Glossary displays incorrect definition for an undefined term after displaying the definition for a defined term


uPerform Glossary displays the wrong definition for a term with a blank definition after displaying the definition for a defined term


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform
  • Version: 5.02
  • Internet Explorer 11 (R)


  1. Open Internet Explorer browser
  2. Click on F12 key to open the Internet Explorer Developer Tools
  3. Click on Emulation tab/option
  4. Towards right hand of Emulation, you will find the Mode of Internet Explorer is displaying
  5. Click in Edge and select the 10 in the drop down
  6. Click on CTRL+F5 keys to hard reset the browser cache
  7. Close the browser. Reopen browser, go to the glossary and to test to confirm problem is resolved

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