Unlock the Knowledge of Your Subject Matter Experts with uPerform Rapid Recorder

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Why Use Rapid Recorder?

Sometimes the people in your organization with the most knowledge about a specific transaction or application are not documentation specialists, training specialists, or uPerform authors. We call these people Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

The ANCILE uPerform Rapid Recorder is a tool that allows SMEs (or anyone with an email address and web access to your uPerform Server) to quickly and easily record uPerform documents and automatically check them into your predefined Server location.

Benefits Include:

  • Expedite work efforts by removing need for authors to learn new transactions/applications and removing need for SME tech review
  • Little to no uPerform training needed for SME using Rapid Recorder 
  • No need to make sure SMEs are using correct template, recorder settings, file naming convention, properties, server, or Document Library location -- it's all pre-configured in the uPerform Task. 

Administrators: Preparing Your Subject Matter Experts and Creating Tasks

SMEs using Rapid Recorder must be assigned a Task in order to create a uPerform recording. Tasks are a powerful project management tool within uPerform and you can use them for many things. See the Additional Resources section below for more information about using Tasks.


  • This functionality is available in uPerform 5.00 and later
  • You must be a Project Administrator to create and assign a Task
  • You must have a Template assigned to your project before you can create a Task
  • SMEs will need access to the network on which your uPerform Server is located. That is, they should be able to access the uPerform website in a web browser. They do not need an account on the uPerform Server. 
  • SMEs will need administrator rights on their local computers to install the Rapid Recorder. If they do not, we recommend working with your IT department to install the application on the necessary computers. They can push the installation automatically, or can install it locally on individual machines.

    You can access the installation file on your uPerform application server in the following location: 

    [Install Location]\WWW\Downloads\ANCILE_Rapid_Recorder_Setup.exe


  • You can create a Recorder Profile to assign to your Task, which will ensure consistent Recorder Settings for your SMEs. These are the settings located in the uPerform Client under File > Preferences > Recorder in uPerform 5.20 and later, and under Tools > Options > Recorder in uPerform 5.00 - 5.10.
  • If you have special desktop standards for recording (screen resolution, colors, etc.) you should notify your SMEs prior to assigning the task.
  • The same rules of Server / Client compatibility that apply to uPerform Client also apply to Rapid Recorder. If your SMEs have installed a previous version of the Rapid Recorder and need to upgrade because you have upgraded your server, you can send them a direct link to the download on your server (http://<server_URL>/downloads/ANCILE_Rapid_Recorder_Setup.exe). For more information on Client / Server compatibility with Updates, see Do my Client and Server Update versions need to match?
  • You can copy and paste the following direct link to the Installing and Using Rapid Recorder demonstration into an email to your SMEs to familiarize them with installing and using the application prior to assigning the task. The auto playback runtime is approximately 5 minutes 40 seconds.

    Direct link to copy and paste into an email to your SMEs: http://supportdownloads.ancile.com/Webinars/RR_Demo/sim/html/index.htm

How To Create a Rapid Recorder Task for an SME

Watch the Demonstration 

Subject Matter Experts: Installing and Using Rapid Recorder

Installing and using the Rapid Recorder is easy. This 5 minute 40 second demonstration should be all you need to get started!

Watch the Demonstration 

Additional Resources


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