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.pptx and .docx files are stuck in a "Waiting" status when publishing on the uPerform server


  • When attempting to publish .pptx files, documents are stuck in a "Waiting" status indefinitely.  
  • A restart of the ANCILE Monitoring Service is required.  Afterwards, the documents will appear with a "Failure" status for formats other than Source.


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform
  • Version: 5.30.x


The publishing process becomes unresponsive when encountering slides or images containing text with one or more of the following effects: reflection, shadow(inner), glow, transform, 3-D rotation, text outlines, or fills (gradient, picture, and texture).


  • Remove the text effects from the .pptx slides.
  • Remove the picture effects from the images.
  • Using the Save As option within PowerPoint\Word, convert the .pptx\.docx file to .ppt\.doc format. 



D-12582: Picture Effects in .pptx\.docx files cause PDF and HTML publish failure


Additional Information

When performing the Save As to .ppt format, the Microsoft PowerPoint\Word Compatibility Checker will identify which slides have features that are not supported by earlier versions of PowerPoint\Word. 
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