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How to mass change glossary term context on the uPerform Server


To assign glossary term context from a lower project level to the entire uPerform work space or to duplicate glossary term context from one project to another.


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform Server


  1. Log into the uPerform Server website
  2. Click Administration > Server Administration > Glossary > Export > Export Glossary
  3. Give the exported glossary a name
  4. Select the current source context
  5. Click Save
  6. Located the exported glossary and Click Details
  7. Locate the Export File field and Click View. A zipped file will now download to you machine.
  8. Unzip this file
  9. Click Close to close the details plain
  10. Click Up to return to the Glossary Configuration page
  11. Click Import > Import Glossary
  12. Give the imported glossary a name
  13. In the Import File field, browse for the file that we unzipped in step 8. There will be a text file in there. Select that text file and Click Open
  14. Make sure the Definition Conflict Resolution is set to Replace Existing Definitions
  15. Under Destination Context, Assign the glossary context to the desired projects.
  16. Click Save
  17. Once the glossary has been imported, the documents will need to be Globalized. To do this Click Administration > Server Administration > Glossary > View Globalize Queue > Globalize All
  18. After Globalization is complete. All affected documents will need to be republished on the uPerform Server
  19. After republishing is complete, please clear the cache form your browser
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