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Embedded simulation fails to publish when attempting to embed using the "Local" method in uPerform Client


  • Simulation will fail to embed into course with error 'Publishing of simulation failed.'.
  • Simulation will succeed in publishing when publishing the file by itself in the uPerform Client.


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform
  • Version: 5.20.8


  1. Check out the Simulation from the server and publish it locally.
  2. Select the Edit Simulation option of the associated stencil.
  3. Choose Simulation from the Insert drop-down menu
  4. Select the HTML folder from the published output.
  5. Click Insert

Additional Information

uPerform Client allows you to embed simulations into courses 3 different ways: Local (.udc), Simulation (published content), or From Server. 

Please review the following section on our online manuals for more information on embedding simulations in courses:
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