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Unable to add document to publishing queue on uPerform Server


  • When attempting to publish a document on the server results in the following error message:
                       'You have generated an error!
                       This error has been recorded in the system log.
                        An unknown error has occurred.'
  • Error in CollabConsole.txt log:
[Dec 7, 2016 12:48:33 PM (TP-Processor1_15)]: >>> Warning: The following exception should be localized:null
[Dec 7, 2016 12:48:33 PM (TP-Processor1_15)]: ERROR: com.intraspect.exceptions.IntraspectException in:com.intraspect.browser.RunScriptBrowserCmd: null


  • Product: ANCILE uPerform Server
  • Version: 5.20 and later


The Glossary database user account has the 'sysadmin' role assigned (Should only be assigned the 'Public' role.)


Unassign the 'sysadmin' role for the Glossary user database account. 


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