Exciting New Features Coming to uPerform Cloud in 2018 - Webinar Recording (for current on-premise users)

Join us IN THE CLOUDS for an exclusive look at exciting product features and enhancements coming to uPerform! During the recorded session, we discuss key benefits of using uPerform Cloud, ease of migration, and unveil our most exciting new features and user experience enhancements.

In addition, a long-time customer of ours who has recently moved from On-Premise to the Cloud shares the drivers that pushed his team to the cloud, and how they’ve been able to reduce the hassle and overhead while gaining great benefits from making this move.

* Submit a ticket TODAY if you're interested in migrating to uPerform Cloud! *


Note: Due to audio problems during the second half of the live webinar we've divided the recording into two parts. 

Q&A Transcript (Abridged)

Q: What are the steps to proceed with the upgrade to the Cloud? 

A: You can find a high-level overview in this document. You can submit a ticket or contact your ANCILE Account Manager to discuss further.  

Q: What version of uPerform Cloud will have these features? 

A: The current version of the Cloud is 5.41.1. This includes the new Course and Simulation skins plus the third-party file management. 5.42 planned release in July has the new Admin experience and reporting/analytics engine. 5.43 will follow shortly which will provide the new website "Learning Library" skin. 

Q: Will ANCILE continue to also provide updates for non-cloud customers?

A: Yes, we will continue to provide updates for our on-premise customers. Updates will be rolled out to uPerform Cloud first and more frequently. Note – there may be some variations in the features based on technical limitations present in an on-premise environment.


Q: Will the client still gets installed locally for authors to create documents? If so, when you upgrade the servers, will we have to upgrade the client too? 

A: Yes, you will still need to install the Client on the local workstations. And, yes once the server is upgraded, you will need to upgrade the Client as well. Coming soon, we'll be releasing an auto updating client which will provide the ability to automatically update all client software based on the current uPerform Cloud server version, streamlining the upgrade/update process and removing administrative and IT burden.  

Q: Is it possible to publish courses generated by another tool in SCORM or AICC? 

A: You can host the published SCORM or AICC content on the uPerform Server to be accessed by end users via the Learning Library, but it must be published in the native tool before it is uploaded. The ability to publish to SCORM or AICC formats, in this case, is completely dependent on the native tool.  

Published SCORM content from third-party tools can be tracked using the uPerform Assessment report, but AICC content cannot. AICC content can be hosted on your uPerform Server and access via a separate LMS, but SCORM content cannot. 

You can also manage the source files for third-party SCORM and AICC content in the Management Center.  

Q: Can you tell me if the new data structure supports queries for assessment statistics by group filter? 

Yes, you can filter by group and you can include a column showing the group the user belongs to in Assessment reports. 

Q: I'm a beginner with the uPeform tool. I have gone through the elearning courses and have had a decent idea of the tool. But if may i ask you to share any previous webinar that has a detailed workflow of the tool? It would be really helpful.  

A: I would recommend you take a look at our Learning Resources for uPerform Authors and our Learning Resources for uPerform Administrators. You can also submit a ticket or contact your ANCILE Account Manager about hiring someone from our Professional Services team for training or consulting services. 

Q: Is there a knowledge base with articles that can be customized as well? Does it show related courses they can take based on the article they are viewing? 

A: We do not provide content with uPerform. Documents will show their related content in the Learning Library in the right-hand column next to the content. 

Q: During the upgrade process do you have any problem or issues to migrate all the content to the cloud? We have 5.0 version and we will migrate to 5.4. 

A: No issues with that. We can migrate content that is hosted on a server using SQL and at a uPerform v.4.40 or later very easily! 

Q: Will the URL addresses to the content stay the same when you move to the cloud? 

A: The URL scheme for content access will change, but existing links will be redirected. 

Q: Can you talk about integration with SAP Cloud products like SuccessFactors, Ariba, Fiori Cloud 

A: We have an existing context-sensitive help (CSH) solution for Fiori and SAP UI5 applications. You can find out more about them here. We also have a CSH solution for SuccessFactors which you can read about here 

Q: If you upgraded to the cloud, is there any changed needed to existing CSH settings in SAP? 

A: The only minor change that would have to be done is do adjust the Server URL in your CSH settings 

Q: You mentioned in a previous slide SQL server DB licenses. What if we are on ORACLE? Will you do the conversion? 

A: We have had customers move from Oracle to SQL. Please submit a ticket if you’re using Oracle and we can discuss the different options to consider during the Cloud migration process. 

Q: Do you use a private or public cloud? 

A: This is a public cloud, we leverage AWS. 

Q: Can we manage the security of the content by project like the current version, or is the content public for all audiences? 

A: You can manage the users who are able to see the content for each project by assigning roles, just like you currently do. Anonymous access is not available with uPerform Cloud because the site is on the world-wide web instead of an internal network. Authentication is controlled using SAML. 

Q: I'm interested to hear how content is managed centrally and distributed to global instances? 

A: With AWS our global customers have found that a central instance has allowed them to distribute content to their global end users with acceptable performance. 

Q: Are you addressing the new GDPR Data Privacy requirement in Europe? 

A: Yes, we are up to speed on the GDPR Data Privacy requirements and are putting in place processes to ensure compliance. 

Q: When setting up the cloud environment, is there the ability to have a test environment and a production environment? 

ANCILE will be offering Preview Environments enabling customers to review and test out new features. After that initial preview period, the Cloud instances will be upgraded automatically.  

Q: Do customers have the option to opt-out or delay when new upgrades are available - or are they automatically pushed as soon as they are available? 

ANCILE will be offering Preview Environments enabling customers to review and test out new features. After that initial preview period, the Cloud instances will be upgraded automatically. Note: ANCILE is also working on an auto-updating client that will automatically upgrade any authoring machines connecting to the server to ensure your client and server are kept up to date. 

Q: Do you plan to have a data center in Canada? 

A: Currently, ANCILE does not have a data center in Canada. As customer demand grows we may consider adding a data center in the future. 

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