Creating your own custom publication format using uPerform - Webinar Recording

Are you looking to recreate an existing document design for content published using uPerform? Have you been using uPerform for ages but are not currently customizing your learning content? This webinar is a template deep-dive into how any uPerform administrator can tailor your document formats by leveraging sections and blocks using the uPerform editor. Learn how much flexibility and control you have in defining the format of your learning content by configuring uPerform templates.  

Topics covered: 

  • Designing your document 
  • Using sections and blocks  
  • Demonstration: Creating a custom publication format with steps above images  

The functionality included in this webinar requires uPerform Administrator role to configure and is available with the latest version of uPerform subscription and uPerform on-prem version 5.40.4+.


Creating your own custom publication format using uPerform - MP4 Recording 


Below is a summary of the Q&A from this webinar:

  1. What version of uPerform is Greg using for this demo? Greg is using uPerform Cloud, but most of the template features are available in uPerform on-premise version 5.40.4.
  2. How do I know if I have access to the uPerform editor? If you have uPerform installed on your computer, you can search for 'uPerform' and if you have the application available in your search results, you have access to the uPerform editor. If not, reach out to your IT team or uPerform advocate to learn how you can get uPerform editor access on your computer. NOTE: In order to modify templates, you need access to the administrator role. 
  3. Is it possible to add multiple sections and blocks to a template? Absolutely. You can add as many sections and blocks to a template as you need. Watch the recording for step-by-step instructions.
  4. Can you customize the sections? Yes, you can customize the sections in the editor under Sections. Watch the recording to see all the customization options available.
  5. Is it possible to hide the Name of a Section? (i.e., to hide it at the beginning of a document, such as in a "Cover Page" of a document) Yes, this option is located under General > Data Files in the uPerform editor. If you're interested in making this change, submit a ticket using the Intelligence Hub for help from the uPerform support team.
  6. When I make template changes, will it apply to my existing docs? Sometimes, it really depends. If you want the changes to be made to existing documents you must republish older documents. Sometimes template changes cannot be made to older documents without additional, manual changes. Watch the recording to see the options available and submit a ticket using the Intelligence Hub for help from the uPerform support team. 
  7. Is there a way to currently get step one in the actual simulation to replace the "Start Procedure" phrase that is in the Work Instruction? Yes, this change can be made using the uPerform editor by de-selecting the Visible setting located under the Format > Document section of the Start the task using the menu path block located under Blocks. Submit a ticket using the Intelligence Hub for help from the uPerform support team. 
  8. Where can I download the customized files I need to import to create the Tip Sheet? Submit a ticket. We’ll soon have a KB article to cover it, but we’re making some additional changes before we make that available.
  9. I am interested in revising my uPerform documents so that steps are listed above images (i.e., as demonstrated with the Tip Sheet publication type) before the Tip Sheet is made generally available. How do I start this process? Submit a ticket using the Intelligence Hub letting us know you're interested and we'll let you know next steps.
  10. When will the Tip Sheet be released? As a template customization, we can help you implement it today. As product, we’re going to gather additional feedback from customers and iterate it before baking it in. Toward the end of this year, it will become a standard part of the product.
  11. Once the Tip Sheet is part of a general uPerform release, will it be another publication type that we can choose to republish existing simulations as? Yes.
  12. Are we required to change the source code information to make these type of changes to our templates? You can do almost all the customization without getting down to the code level. Specifically for the Tip Sheet, if you're looking to publish it before it's made generally available, we can provide the already configured code and all you have to do is substitute your logo file and any other styling changes.
  13. Will this webinar recording be available to share with my administrator so they can make changes to our templates? Yes, we welcome you to share this Intelligence Hub article with your administrator. 
  14. Can you change the color of the call outs, including the arrows and numbers pointing to the sections on the screen you clicked on? Yes, this can be managed in the template under Styles > Simulation Note style
  15. What more can we do to learn more about uPerform? Are there classes offered? Yes, we offer uPerform training. Contact your Account Manager, or submit a help ticket via the Intelligence Hub, to learn about our on-demand and on-site options available.
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