User Management Changes Coming Soon to uPerform Cloud

Our team will be reaching out to all current uPerform Cloud Subscription customers over the coming months to discuss the upcoming changes. In the meantime, watch our preview video and read about the benefits below.

Simplified access to uPerform

With the upcoming release, users can log in to uPerform via a variety of methods making your help content more accessible than ever. We’ll be improving the authentication methods between your applications and uPerform. Basic authentication will be replaced by forms-based authentication with brandable sign-in screens and sign out. SAML and Epic SSO methods will be more powerful with OAuth and easier to manage via self-service. Multiple authentication methods will be supported at one time to ensure that your users have access to uPerform.

With single sign-on support, users can use the same credentials they use to access your SSO-integrated systems, so instead of trying to remember yet another set of credentials, they can quickly access uPerform for the help they need so they can get back to work faster. The uPerform client has been upgraded to use the new authentication method, so authors can benefit from single sign-on too.

The newly designed login and password reset screens can be customized with your organization's branding, so it carries through consistently from login to the Learning Library.

With our new sign out function, authors and administrators can seamlessly switch between accounts, so they are more productive, and end-users can manage their sessions on shared workstations.

Easier and more powerful User and Group Management

Administrators have a newly designed, centralized place to manage users and group assignments in the uPerform Management Center. With newly introduced single sign-on and SMART on FHIR support, a technical handshake between systems is configured once and the uPerform system handles the rest.

With single sign-on, user profiles are now created automatically using the claims data shared by your identity provider when users access the Learning Library. Each time the user accesses uPerform, the system updates the user profile with any new or updated data from your identity provider, so you no longer need to manually import user data or worry about keeping it up to date.

The new Group Management displays a hierarchy of your groups allowing administrators to easily create and manage groups, including viewing users associated with each. Group assignment, with many more profile fields available for automated group assignment and user support, is now based on user profile fields regardless of the authentication mechanism used.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Extended user profile with new fields available for both enterprise and healthcare organizations
  • Redesigned User and Group Management, including a CSV-file based bulk import option
  • Troubleshooting tools for Administrators to address end-user issues like locked accounts, deactivate and reactivate accounts, etc.

Better Access Control

The uPerform Management Center administrative settings menu has been extended to enable your IT department to configure who is allowed access to uPerform. Now you can manage multiple authentication methods supported by your organization.

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